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    Oily engine increasingly hard to start

    My 1993 Corolla DX, 7-AFE engine with 266k miles, is becoming temperamental to start. Worst when it's been sitting overnight. This morning leaving the house, I twisted the key and just got a single click from the starter. Subsequent key twisting yielded only single clicks. I persevered...
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    Wonders Of Valve-Stem Oil Seal Replacement

    Impressive DIY. That's about a $1200 job on my '93.
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    Paint Contamination

    I had my car in a body shop once to get some rust holes treated around the windshield. It was in there for a few weeks ... sloow ... and all manner of metal dust settled on it and lodged in the paint. Afterward I could hear a rasping whisper when I drew a towel across the paint surface...
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    Cheap, Effective Bug Removal

    Yeah that tar/bug remover stuff has petroleum solvents that mar any plastic it touches. You for sure don't want touching today's plastic headlights or grilles. (On a related note if you google for "green spray bug removal" this thread is the first result -- 14 hrs old)
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    Clay Bars

    Two 2oz bars --- That's $4.50/oz I smell a market opportunity.
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    Clay Bars

    Thanks for throwing out some options. So you CAN buy the clay separately. Too bad it's not a compelling value at $2.50 an ounce.
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    Clay Bars

    I've already tried the Mother's kit and it's time for a new one. Are there any clay bar kits out there (in the US) that don't feature ridiculously puny bricks of clay?   Mother's/Meguiars include 3 oz clay bricks to rub the entire car maybe once. Plus they stuff unnecessary items into the...
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    Looking For An Avid H4S Replacement

    My two front tires need replacing - rears are fine. Apparently my car has an alignment issue and the outmost tread is pretty worn. What tires would best complement the Yokohama Avid H4ses I currently have? The H4s model has been discontinued so I'm looking for a similar performance all-season...
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    Where To Get A Quality Bulb For The Dome Light ?

    Thank you kindly.
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    Where To Get A Quality Bulb For The Dome Light ?

    Like this? Price is wrong.
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    Where To Get A Quality Bulb For The Dome Light ?

    Well the Toshiba bulb I mentioned buying last May hasn't burned out yet but it IS hella dim. Maybe I'll try a LED slab sometime.
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    Intermittent Starting Issues

    I have a 1993 Corolla as my sig indicates.   Most of the time my starter cranks just fine, but every couple days or so when I go to start it, I get only a 'cchhk' for a split second then silence. As if it began turning over but died. I twist the key again and get the same result. So I wait a...
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    Battery Feels Insecure

    My car's battery has always sat loose in its tray. Should it have some kind of clamp/bracket holding it down? I.E. Am I missing factory-equipped piece? This for the 7th-gen in my sig.
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    Rattle In Front End - Driving Me Crazy!

    Frankly, I may have misquoted them as saying both were bad. They probably choose to replace aftermarket struts in pairs rather than singly.
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    Rattle In Front End - Driving Me Crazy!

    OK It wasn't the struts. Worthless dealer. It was a loose jam-nut on a tie rod causing the rattle. Sure is good to have it gone. Surprised it was that simple, sounded horrible to me. Had to tolerate it for over a year. Look to your tie rod ends, elroy.
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    Rattle In Front End - Driving Me Crazy!

    Update on my noise: Dealer tells me both front struts are bad. Yes, the new KYBs I had put on last year.
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    Replacing Oxygen Sensors

    I would have advised getting the Denso as well. Same goes for alternator or distributor cap.
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    Rust Issues

    Got my own related question on the topic: What about buying new body pieces? I've got my own rust issues so I'm thinking of buying a new rocker panel section from and having it welded in place. How feasible is that? This one body shop didn't want to work on my rust because...
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    Rattle In Front End - Driving Me Crazy!

    I have pretty much the same symptoms on my '93. Ever since I got new struts/springs/mounts all around, plus front stabilizer bar links. Low-speed rattle when going over uneven ground, probably coming from front driver side. I've had the suspension checked out by an experienced suspension pro...
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    Toyota President Admits Quality Decline Began In 2003

    He was probably referring to some other model ... I'd buy another 7th gen in a heartbeat. I don't need more than one though ... My only experience with the 9th gen was the time I rented one for a week while my car was getting a new paint job. I had to rent from a dealer.