Swap ? From '00 1Zzfe To '03+ 1Zzfe



I've read what I can find about swapping motors. Mine says vvti on the plate over the valve cover plastic thing.

The discussion I've read says the manifolds have to be switched over and the sensors. But they also say the knock sensor is different. What's the solution? I believe one of the guys is showing the problem in this pic.




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Are you swapping over the ECM from the 2003 engine? If yes, then stick with the 2003 sensors, as the ECM is a 32-bit system vs the 16-bit system on the 2000 engine. If you are keeping the original ECM from the 2002 - then you can try using the old sensor (I believe the threading is the same for the knock sensor) - that way you won't get a potential impedance mismatch from different sensors. One of those "it might work" sort of things. Also depends if the 2000 is a Corolla or Prism - as the sensors are slightly different.


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