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    Toyota Oem Head Light Bulb

    RockAuto might also have them. My discount code which you can use is 131822470122531130 That said, Philips makes good bulbs. I found that AC/Delco bulbs were actually a pricier German brand, sold at much lower prices, and they were brighter than stock without running hotter. (A tip from Daniel...
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    2005 Toyota Corolla S - How To Self-program Transponder Key?

    I've done it too. Not on a Corolla but on a similar vintage car. 
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    Cow Manure Powered Car?

    I wonder, do you figure having wind turbines or solar panels doing it in their “off-times” (when the grid doesn't need the power) would reduce the cost of providing hydrogen? Seems to me we have a methane problem re global warming, and our antiquated grid can't spin up and shut down coal...
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    Hot Start Problem

    Pretty cool feature. I'd have thought that would be done by the computer but it's still cool
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    Who here owns a 2019 model?

    I thought about it but still haven't bitten. I am curious about them too. I want a 6MT but no local dealer stocks them.
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    Jan 2020 sales

    January U.S. sales included a 5.5% sales gain at Toyota and 13% at Lexus, thanks to strong light truck sales, which rose by 11%. Traditional cars (sedans and coupes) fell by 1.1%. The Prius Prime, RAV4, Highlander, and Lexus RX all set records for January U.S. sales. The total was 146,244...
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    The year's sales, quality rankings, and 2020 Avalon TRD

    I posted all this stuff at - but here's the very brief U.S. sales summary for 2019
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    Cam Rattle

    PCV filter you mean? It actually filters air rather than oil. Did you check oil grade? Noise sounds more like something's loose, to me, (a non-expert)
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    Synthetic Oil

    Agreed. In recent years owners' manuals have been going much higher in terms of intervals, but I think the late-2000s would likely be six months / 7,500 miles or some such. They're available at Toyota's web site.
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    2002 Toyota Corolla with 2ZZ-GE engine - Diesel noise on low rpms

    Sorry it took me so long to approve that
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    Best place to shop for parts online?

    I would go with RockAuto for anything non-OEM. 
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    1998 Corolla Passenger headlight not working

    Those LEDs can draw a lot more current than the standard lights. Wonder if there's a fusible link in there, or other damage to the wiring. I also wonder if a standard headlight would work?
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    Which aftermarket catalytic converter for 2000 Corolla

    It might mean that, or it might mean that  For the brand and model... I have no idea. I usually get stuff like that from Rock Auto. I have never in my life needed a new catalytic converter, even on very old cars; the only reason to replace them is usually (a) they get coated with junk from bad...
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    Hot Start Problem

    If it's the oxygen sensor, the check engine light will go on and you can retrieve codes. Assuming it's on OBD II (I think that was required as of 1995 or 1996 so it'd have to be a late model engine).
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    Engine Wire Connectors

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    2000 Corolla --- voltage of downstream O2 sensor

    I think sensor 2 is downstream, that is, after the catalytic converter. In theory it shouldn't vary too much with sensor 1. With that much oil leakage have you pulled the plugs to see if one of them is fouled with oil? That could cause problems. Any blue smoke? (Really, that should be fixed...
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    Recall on numerous hybrids

    Toyota is recalling the 2019 Lexus LS500, LC500, ES300h, UX250h, LS500h, Toyota Prius, RAV4 HV, 2019-2020 Toyota Prius Prime, and 2020 Corolla HV, because the brake booster pump may fail. This would cut off brake assist and deactivate the stability control. The recall, slated to start on...
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    $400 million for truck robots

    Toyota's thinking about spending $400 million on new automation for its truck plant in Texas, which will make next-gen Tacomas and Tundras on the same basic platform (an idea which worked so well for Dodge, with Dakota+Ram, that there are no Dakotas today).  The state has been asked to provide...
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    Prius recall

    Toyota is recalling just 464 2018-19 Prius cars (US recall #19V-491, Toyota recall K0K) because a voltage converter may fail, causing loss of power. The recall will start in mid-August and involves replacing the DC to DC converter.