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That ever-changing compact car, the Toyota Corolla

Launched in 1966, the Toyota Corolla became Japan’s best selling car in 1969 — and didn’t lose its title until 2001. With over 30 million cars sold in 140 countries through 2011, the Corolla is the world’s best-selling car — ever. The 2019 Corolla appears to have more of what made the car so popular, with a new engine and chassis.

2019 corolla

In 2017, the Corolla was the USA’s second best selling compact, after the newly revised Civic — with 329,196 sales (Civic had 377,286). It easily beat the “fleet queen” Nissan Sentra (218,451), and came in just a little below the combination of Ford and Chevrolet in a market Dodge has already given up on. It’s a popular car in a crowded market. Reviewed: 2018 Corolla2019 Corolla Hatch • 2018 Corolla info and specs • 1993-2019 engines

2018 toyota corolla

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